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Fearing COVID 19 or Fearing God?

After months of being bombarded with news of the COVID virus I tried not to write on this post anything about what is happening in our world today. However, God has taught me many things in this difficult time so I have decided to share some of that here.
We returned to the states on February 26th for our tenth furlough only to see the closure of Italy on the heels of our departure, California closed after our services there, New York was hit hard and closed after we left to drive to Ohio for services and after our first mission conference in Ohio the churches were forced to close and we found our selves in the basement apartment of dear friends for almost 50 days.

In those days of watching the news constantly fear began to seep into my
thoughts. This pandemic was claiming thousands of lives and was described as “lethal” and “deadly”. Italy where my four children and 14 grandchildren live and serve God was one of the worst areas. Would they get sick? I’m in danger because I am over 60! What can I do to keep safe?
I would waken during the night with a dry mouth and throat or cough and ask God to help me. Had I gotten the Coronavirus? After weeks we finally ventured out into a store for groceries equipped with gloves and masks. If someone got close to me in the store I panicked and changed aisles. We wiped everything down with Clorox that we brought into our home before putting anything away.

Little by little God spoke peace to my heart. Is God still on His throne? Do you know what is going on here? God’s Word answered my questions and fears through His Word. “Lord you know all about me. You are all around me – in front and in the back and have put your hand on me. You saw my bones being formed as I took shape in my mother’s body.”

All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old. God examine me and know my heart; test me and know my nervous thoughts. Psalm 139:16

Those who go to The God Most High for safety will be protected by the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, You are my place of safety and protection. You are my God and I trust you. The Lord is your protection; you have made God Most High your place of safety. Psalm 91: 1-3, 9

Will some of us get the virus? Maybe. Will most of us get better? Most likely! But let’s not waste time and energy panicking when we can rest in the good care of our Father who knows and loves us.
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things we are added unto you. So don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have it’s own worries. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof! Matthew 6: 33.34